Vandana Juneja

 Advancing Women in Science & Engineering: Engaging Men and Building Inclusive Leaders

Not all leadership opportunities are created equal. Women get fewer of the high visibility, mission-critical roles and international experiences – the so-called “hot jobs” – that are key to getting ahead at global companies. According to research by Catalyst, the leading global non-profit organization accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, unequal access to those roles may be an underlying cause of the persistent gender gap at senior levels. In STEM industries, talent must be retained due to a leaky pipeline.

So what can we do about it?

–          Engage Men: Catalyst research demonstrates that the more men know about gender inequalities, the more likely they are to act as advocates and lead efforts to close the gender gap. Studies also show that men benefit from a more balanced workplace but they are too often left out of the conversation. In fact, men are a largely untapped, yet critical resource in building diversity and inclusion efforts aimed to create inclusive workplaces.

–          Create Inclusive Cultures: Leading Catalyst research has found that inclusive leaders are the missing link needed to foster dynamic and innovative workplaces in which women, men and all diverse groups can thrive.

Vandana Juneja, Senior Director, Catalyst will share groundbreaking Catalyst research behind engaging men in gender inclusion, the qualities of inclusive leaders, and how we can leverage this model to create